Machine Gun

Hendrix‘s style: Big Loud Undisciplined Dirty Reckless Backwards & Dangerous. His status as a legendary artist comes from his imperfections(IMO) in the way he played & lived..only four years in the limelight but enough time to change rock and blues in way most spend their entire career doing.Addressing social issues. Even the way he played guitar, a lefty playing a right handed guitar-so upside down— restrung the opposite way (if you know anything about guitars thats all kinda crazy) HUGE amounts of sustain to hold notes to send his message across,sounds like a train coming in…Was messy you can hear him fretting all kinda things…I loved it yo…listening to other guitarists of the time and era he was as rebel as it got. Maybe thats why he resonated so much with me and my approach to breakin’…while everyone else was playing clean like the beatles this man was causing all kinds of hell….burning guitars…playing the national anthem in a way that hella reflected the times. Not to mention being a black artist in a “white dominated genre” of music. He hated his voice hated hearing recordings of himself sing and play….”people are weird man how can they dig this hahaha” “man they dont understand it” that humbleness resonated with me too. i hate watching footage of myself or people watching it. lol.
My pops showed me him and let me rock out to wild thing when i was still in diapers. Stuck with him while I was in my teens all the way till now.
A lotta people pull inspiration from different sources people places…this is where I get mine from. Really dig gettin in the studio and cranking up machine gun and getting down. The way i break isnt as precise as everyone else…when im in my zone its definitely this style…
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#thankyou #RestInPeace random ish….he played with the isley brothers thru the chitlin circuit…u need to look that up and not just the little brother stuff…electric lady land studios…Just read up on the guy amazing artist.

Have Mercy

Challenges.Comfort Zone.

Already making moves this year. Getting gigs and bookings I can go in on that for a while…prolly below in some bullet point way.

Back to the challenges This song that the girls are dancing to at Bright Futures in Romulus

Got me all to inspired….like just footwork to this. Really push my comfort zone. Im┬áreally diggin the levels to this song and as soon as I heard it was drawn in. Gotta love hanging around teenagers for constantly keeping me hip to good music hahaha. #lanaRHS #BRIGHTFUTURES

Now to business Dontez finished up with my video from a long time ago lololol. I ment for that thing to be done around december at the end of my tour but its all good. the message is that battle changes you…and it did. I got on the road with Javi and did some damage pushed my self to a place i never have. Making semis looking at 2nd place , in chicago no less. It all changed me i realized i have to save my money and really invest. All these other people who do it, are doing just that, they are doing it. The trailer is centered around that new DC game that should be coming out soon. its a fighting game and i refuse to google it. thats the #singularity working. (look it up)

I battle in 14 cities traveled with my son I inspired him not me perse but the “life” did. I carved my name out there i exist where I once didnt. Do you know how good that feels? But that video is almost done and im nervous about releasing it because im a shy bastard about my art and feel like people wont get it or understand it.

Bookings i been getting calls out there about so many workshops and classes going on its amazing. The responsibility in spreading and sharing the culture correctly. wow.

Gigs: I got a lot coming up and am going to really push and work with dontez. I like building with him hes a profesional at the core and I appreciate that, hes a little guy so cant expect to face “300” with him haha. But he def could be a pillar for our community in the later years I dont really see him moving. Oh yeah but wanna work on show pieces with him and learn some fucking popping and waving already. Therse is a lot of work coming.

Style Elements crew approached me to manage a tour for them. Ruen, Remind, Artson, and Quali-D.(so hip hop) Minn. Chicago. Grand Rapids. Detroit. Cleveland. honored as hell! To be able to build with these guys yo….damn!

its the second week of 2017 and ive gotten so much more good news. Left that old shit back in 2016 and am going to grow beyond my years. like seoul said “ur just a late bloomer” Ill take that. lol

I GOT BOOKED TO JUDGE A JAM! like wtf! MAV. AK . SKETCH. should be solid. feel like sketch is a little young to be judging but whatever lol. especially if its me and AK we are same gen.

Javi just left to college and am already making the trip to go session with him. I owe The young homie I mean hes helped me a lot over these months. Not just on the floor but also with life shit. Hes a straight shooter and honest i need that when i was surrounded by such bull for so long. plus he left his socks and underwear so bringing that to him. lol love the young brother like a little bro. we got close over the months we kinda both only had eachother over it all. crazy right? But figures.

Emiliano has strated to practice and train with me its amazing. Can not even explain how great that feels to be at session and hes working with me. I gotta good team with him and javi. #teamgurren.
Well thats me recapping 1-2 days worth of ish.


Since we Last Spoke

Documenting my travels and moves this year. Everything from battles competitions triumphs failures classes food major life changes and the random adventures I get into. Mostly going to try to stick to video recap type things as well as work with someone to edit all my footage into trailers/recaps(im not learning that lol)

So heres to seeing what a year looks like…


Without VIsion People Perish.